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About Rob Mob

Let's Get Acquainted

Rob Mob was started as a youtube channel to bring the public never before seen footage of historical and forgotten about buildings. The Rob Mob youtube channel focuses on providing content of buildings and structures that have been closed to the public and are deemed "abandoned". Many of these buildings are in pristine condition and maintain several artifacts that are just as new. the Rob Blog was created to bring viewers along the journey of the endeavors and provide viewers with several products and services that I think are beneficial and can help the everyday user. eventually, when the blog is running at full capacity and blogs are being released every single day, there will be no one target audience. the goal of this blog is to provide quality content and offers for a wide variety of people and interests. whether you are interested in videography, exploration, fishing, hunting, marketing, growing social media, you name it. Enjoy the blog and consider some of the products, as each product is researched thoroughly and ensured to have the best quality.